Black Francolin
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Black Francolin

Black Francolin - Photo by USDA NRCS

Black Francolin
(Francolinus francolinus), also called Black Partridge, is a scarce breeding resident in Haryana and many other parts of India. This bird is found near cultivation and wetlands. Black Francolin is the state bird of Haryana.

GALLIFORMES    Family: Phasianidae   
Hindi Name: Kala Teetar    Food: Grain, grass seeds, shoots, insects, ants

Identification: Size 34 cm. The male is black with white patch on the cheek, a chestnut collar and white spots on the flanks. The back and wings are scalloped with shades of golden brown with sub-terminal tawny-buff bands and pale edges. Tail is black with narrow white bars. Legs are reddish-brown to red. Female similar to the male, but is paler, with wider brown bars on the lower back, the white cheek patch is missing and the chestnut collar replaced by a nuchal patch.

Also see: Gray Francolin (Francolinus pondicerianus)


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