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North India consists of six Indian states: Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi (National Capital Territory). The dominant geographic features of northern India are the Himalayas and its foothills along with the plains of Yamuna, Sutluj and Beas. The economy of northern India, especially the region surrounding the Delhi metropolitan area is growing at a remarkable pace.

North India shows a stronger Aryan influence. The languages of northern India are preponderantly Indo-Aryan, and it is in this region that Sanskrit and the various Prakrits are thought to have first found a home in India.

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Delhi, (including New Delhi, the national capital), derives its historic importance from its position in India, occupying a location between the Aravalli Hills to the southwest and the Yamuna river on whose western banks it stands. Delhi is surrounded on three sides by Haryana and has Uttar Pradesh on its eastern border.

Haryana is bordered by the Indian states of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Hindi and English are the official languages, but Haryanavi is most widely spoken. Haryana is known for its brave soldiers, farming implements and Basmati rice. The state capital is Chandigarh.

Himachal Pradesh is a state in northwest India. Neighboring regions are Tibet to the east, Jammu & Kashmir to the north and northwest, Punjab to the southwest, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to the south and Uttaranchal to the southeast. It became a a state of India on January 25, 1971. The state capital is Shimla.

Jammu & Kashmir is the northern most state situated between 32 -15' and 37 -05' north latitude and 72 -35' and 83 -20' longitude East. The state can be divided into four zones; the mountainous and semi mountainous plain known as Kandi belt, Shivaliks, mountains of Kashmir Valley and Pir Panchal range and fourth is Ladakh. The state capital is Srinagar.

Punjab is bordered by Pakistan on the west, the Indian states of Jammu & Kashmir on the north, Himachal Pradesh on its northeast, Haryana and Rajasthan to its south. Find Punjab on the globe at 29 30 N to 32 32 N latitude and 73 55 E to 76 50 E longitude. The state capital is Chandigarh.

Uttaranchal borders Tibet in the north-east and Nepal to the south-east, while its neighboring states are Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The High Court is situated in the district of Nainital. The region is also known as Uttarakhand. The state capital is Dehradun which is also the rail-head in the region.

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